Huber®360 is an innovation of the French company LPG Systems, multi-functional neuro-muscular rehabilitation. It can be used for the rehabilitation of patients after trauma, operations, and also for the treatment of neurological damage, obesity and immobilization. The system allows you to carry out accurate diagnostics that will help you identify problems and make a rehabilitation plan. Huber® 360 can also help athletes prepare for competitions or recover after them.

The computerized system of neuro-muscular rehabilitation Huber® 360 improves both physical and mental health of the patient (strengthening of deep muscles, improvement of body flexibility, improvement of joint mobility, balance, concentration and coordination, perception of one’s own body in space).

Why Huber® 360?

  1. Compilation of an individual program depending on the diagnosis and needs of the patient.
  2. Providing a complete rehabilitation cycle, starting with diagnostics and ending with muscle strengthening.
  3. The ability to involve a separate group of muscles, without affecting neighboring ones.
  4. Dosed and controlled exercises, as well as feedback on the patient’s results, which is reflected on the Huber® 360 monitor.
  • Rehabilitation after injuries
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Fitness